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Traditional Website Design
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Responsive Website Design

What is Responsive website design? Responsive website design has become the new standard. Viewers of your website no longer just view it on a computer screen. In fact now the usual way that a website is viewed is on a mobile device. By having a website design that is viewable across all platforms you will reach a larger audience. The basic website design can usually still be viewed on a phone, tablet, etc...but it will require a lot of scrolling from side to side, enlarging the text so it can be seen and basically quite cumbersome. Unless the viewer absolutely has to be on your website, they won't be there for very long. If a basic website has already been built and you have already spent, money and energy getting it just the way you want it but you now find you need a mobile website as well, then all you need is a mobile site built with a redirect from your basic site. No need to rebuild the entire site.

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Shopping Carts

We have become somewhat knowledgeable with the GoDaddy shopping carts, how to set them up and work within their programming. In an effort to save our customers even more money if you choose to go with a GoDaddy shopping cart please feel free to use this discount code WOWMG2246.

We also do paypal integration as is in the site below and also for Geek at the Ready and a few of our other sites.

Please shop around when looking for a shopping cart, there are so very many out there to choose from. Pick one that will suit your companies needs.

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